Don’t Wait! Get a Great Rebate!

Affordable Deals for Cozy Feels

Consumers are always searching for a deal. And good companies usually provide one. At Excellent Air, we are always on the lookout for energy efficiency rebates for our customers.

We are a New York State Clean Heat Contractor. Allowing us to provide You with the largest rebates off your new Mitsubishi Heat Pump systems. Up to $4900.00 off instantly!

NYSERTA also offers our customers a low financing option. You can even have the price added to your utility bill.  Click here to see the options available.

Through our partnership with NYSEG and RG&E, customers can save up to $500 on various rebates with the purchase of approved Energy Star™ systems. From natural gas furnaces and boilers to Energy Star water heaters, we’ll help you get the most energy-efficient heating or cooling system for your dollar.

Don’t forget, even though a high-efficiency heating or cooling system may have a higher sticker price at the time of purchase, you will enjoy plenty of savings in the long run.

To review the most recent updates please visit the RG&E site here. 

Call or Text us today for professional installation of any of these heating and cooling systems. Our expert technicians are always available 24/7.