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Financing Can Be Nice

Your home is probably your largest investment. And for the most part, being a homeowner is awesome—until an unplanned expense pops up. Some days those expenses can be as simple as a repair or maintenance, while other times you might need an entire cooling system replaced. Ouch, right? We know these types of replacements are costly and don’t always fit into your budget. At Excellent Air, we aim to soften that blow.

Here’s How We Can Help

If you need a system replacement but are worried about the cost, let us help. We have great financing options to make your new heating or cooling system more affordable. In fact, qualified candidates can choose from a wide variety of financing options—some which even include an 18-month plan at 0 percent.

As a family business, we always want to do our best to help you finance the purchase of a new furnace or cooling system. Feel free to call us at 585.889.7840 for financing options or visit us online to see our current discounts and financing choices.