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If you’re searching for all things Excellent Air, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled all of the good stuff you need to know about us right here. From contact information to tips and advice, you can breeze in and out of this page to find answers.

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Excellent Air Treats You With Care

We love our customers. To us, you are an extended part of our family, so we will do our very best to treat you just like Mom and Dad would. We value your business and your loyalty and aim to provide the excellent service our name represents.

Our expertise runs deep. So, whether you need furnace repair, heat pump installation, water heater advice or an annual checkup of your heating and cooling system, Excellent Air is here for you—day or night.

Call Us, We’ll Always Answer

A family-run business is a bit of a rare gem these days. But it’s our personal approach to business that proves our customer service is still alive and well. Whatever your need, we are here 24/7 and a live person will always answer the phone. See for yourself. Call Excellent Air today at 585.889.7840 to schedule your service appointment or visit us online.