”Water” You Waiting For?

Install a New Water Heater Today!

A warm bath can soothe away even the toughest of days. From the moment you sink into that water, a blanket of warmth slowly envelops your whole being. Sounds nice, right? You can thank your water heater because without it you’d never be able to enjoy that type of relaxation.

At Excellent Air, we know how important home relaxation is. And even though you typically don’t spend much time thinking about your water heater, it’s super important when it comes to home comfort.

We understand the thought of replacing an old water heater isn’t fun. But when you need one, Excellent Air is the place to start. We install a variety of systems that will keep your home snug and cozy.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Standard gas hot water tanks
  • High efficiency condensing tankless units
  • Hybrid electric heat pumps

All three of these great options are available for installation from Excellent Air. Contact us to schedule your service or installation appointment.

To Replace or Not to Replace?

There are times when decisions are tough—especially when it comes to replacing your water heater. How do you know when the time is right? For most homeowners, if your water heater has an expired warranty and is older than 15 years, you probably need a new one. The good news is that today’s models are highly efficient and will help save you money on your monthly utility bills.

And, in case you have doubts, take solace knowing we will make the transition from an old heater to a new one truly seamless. Our experts at Excellent Air are well trained in water heater installation and can help you decide what size and type are best suited for your household. Give us a ring at 585.889.7840 to determine the perfect type for your home.