Get That Breath of Fresh Air

Choose a Home Humidity Control System from Excellent Air

Mother Nature isn’t always kind—especially for those with seasonal allergies. In the wintertime, your inside air can be too dry. In the summer, it might feel too damp. To benefit your health, it’s important to manage your indoor air comfort so you breathe the cleanest air possible and cut back on allergies and sickness.

If the dryness of the winter months and the moistness of the summer season in Monroe County, NY, are affecting your immunity, we have professional installers who can assist with a whole-home humidity solution system. Perfecting the humidity in your home is a great way to prevent nosebleeds, dry skin and allergy flare-ups and let you live in the most comfortable home space you can.

What Is a Whole-House Humidifier?

In the simplest of terms, a whole-house humidifier will balance the dry and moist air that flows through your home. The unit is installed directly into your heating system’s ductwork and connected to your water supply. It adds moisture to your home’s dry air. This, in turn, increases your home’s humidity level for a comfort difference you can truly feel!

Excellent Air installs whole-home humidifiers by Aprilaire to help secure the most comfortable air throughout your entire house for every season. If you have questions, call our expert technicians at Excellent Air today! In the meantime, here are six benefits to installing a whole-home humidity control system:

  • Fewer allergies
  • Improved immune systems
  • Relief from colds and flu
  • Reduced nose bleeds
  • No more dry skin, hair, lips and throat
  • Less damage to wood in the home

Ready to Breathe Purer Air?

Let us help you breathe the cleanest and healthiest air possible. Give us a call today at 585.889.7840 to answer all of your home humidity control questions.