Take Care of Your Air

You Can Start Breathing Better Today!

It’s easy to take something for granted when you can’t see it—like clean air, for instance. But when those airborne intruders seep inside your cozy home and disrupt healthy breathing, it’s time to take a stand. When you consider the fact that most people spend more than 85 percent of their time indoors, it’s only natural to want your indoor air to be the cleanest it can be, right? At Excellent Air, we can solve all of your indoor air quality concerns. Whether you need guidance on an air purification system or simply need a new air quality system installed, call us at 585.889.7840. We’ll have you breathing better in a jiffy.

Air Check

Is your indoor air quality being affected? Let’s take inventory.

  • Do you own pets?
  • Does someone in your household have asthma or allergies?
  • Do you live near dirt roads, forests or construction sites?
  • Does anyone in your home smoke?
  • Do you have heavy dust accumulation?

If you answered yes to one or more of these air intruders, it’s a good bet you’re not breathing as freely as you could be due to poor air quality. Fortunately, we have answers to get your lungs breathing happily again.

Air Supply: The Benefits of Cleaner Air

Cleaner air isn’t something to ignore. Your health depends on it. In fact, if your household includes infants, seniors and family members with immune disorders, you’re bound to benefit from cleaner air with an air purification system from Excellent Air!

Call Us! We Know Air Repair and Installation

To schedule your service, inquire about cleaner air or to install an air quality purification system from Excellent Air, call one our air experts today at 585.889.7840. Also, don’t forget that our team is deaf friendly! We have a full-time technician who is deaf and fluent in ASL. Feel free to request for our deaf-friendly technician, Neil, by name.