Want the Perfect Temperature? Choose Heat Pump Installation

Excellent Heat Pump Repair & Heat Pump Maintenance

heat pump repair service monroe countyThe quest for the perfect home temperature is a lifelong journey for many homeowners. We hear it quite often—one family member is always cold, while the other is too hot. Isn’t there a way to achieve a comfy medium? At Excellent Air, we think so. Our main goal is to keep you comfortable throughout every season, all year long. This means keeping you cool in the summertime and warm and cozy during the winter. So, what is the answer?

Heat pumps.

To achieve the perfect temperature balance during the proper seasons, Excellent Air offers a wide range of heat pumps that can accommodate all of your family members. These highly efficient options come in a variety of models. From regular heat pumps with ductwork to mini-split systems that utilize ductless heating, Excellent Air can install it all. Call us for heat pump installation in Monroe County, NY, or for your annual heat pump maintenance service appointment in Livingston County, NY.

Heat Pumps 101

What is a heat pump and should you consider one? Excellent question!

Rather than generating heat, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from one space to another. When the weather is cold outside, a heat pump will extract warm air into the house, and when it’s hot outside they will push the warm air out.

Are there different types of heat pumps? Yes. Heat pumps come in many types. Excellent Air offers the following:ductless heat pump installation monroe county

  • Air source (uses outside and inside air to move heat)
  • Hybrid (heat pump plus another energy source)
  • Ductless (Mini-Split)

While heat pumps are typically used for more moderate heating and cooling needs, they are super durable and efficient and could be just what you need to save money and energy. Our professional installers and technicians can help you decide what type of heat pump is right for you.

Get Pumped for Our Services!

It goes without saying that Excellent Air has the best heat pump services and installation in the Livingston, NY, and Monroe County, NY, areas. Whether you need heat pump repair or heat pump maintenance, our qualified installers and technicians will handle it all. Call Excellent Air at 585.889.7840.