Prevent Breakdowns With Furnace Maintenance

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When it comes to most things in life, people will tell you: “Prevention is key.” And it’s true. You visit the doctor each year for your annual preventive checkup. You take your car to the mechanic for your 3,000 mile tune-up. You rally your dogs into the car for their routine vet appointment. All these preventive measures help prolong the “good stuff.” But let’s be honest. When it comes to your furnace, do you do the same?

That’s what we thought.

Neglect is no longer an option! Like all big investments, keeping appliances in working order is of utmost important. Your gas furnace is no exception. It too deserves annual checkups and routine cleaning.

Why Go With Excellence?

There’s a reason we have excellent in our name. When you need gas furnace maintenance, you’re not looking for just “good work”—you want excellent work! At Excellent Air, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to keep our customers satisfied. After all, we realize that at the core of our family-owned business are people. And people matter. That’s why you’ll enjoy service 24/7 from our staff. If your furnace crashes and you need heating furnace repair, we will answer the phone in person—at all hours of the day or night.

As a homeowner in Livingston County, NY, and throughout our service area, there are simple things you can do to keep your furnace in good working condition. Simply “being aware” is one. (Meaning, pay attention and get service when needed). Next, you can change your furnace’s filter every 60 days. And lastly, you can schedule annual gas furnace installation, and furnace cleaning in Monroe Country, NY, and beyond, with Excellent Air.

Once again, our maintenance is excellent. Here’s a comprehensive look at what our Five-Star Super Detailed 25-Point Furnace Maintenance covers (included in both of our Comfort Club Plans). We will:

  1. Visually inspect furnace cabinet for defects, rust, moisture and corrosion
  2. Clean and inspect burner compartment
  3. Clean and inspect blower compartment
  4. Clean blower motor end
  5. Clean inducer or vent motor end
  6. Check inducer or vent motor for visible cracks and corrosion
  7. Inspect igniter** Clean flame sensor** Clean pilot assembly and de-carbon thermocouple**
  8. Verify igniter operation
  9. Inspect gas valve for signs of corrosion or leaks. Check the manifold gas pressure (adjust if necessary). Check the operation of gas valve staging**
  10. Check air filter and change if necessary (We can provide filter for an additional charge.)
  11. Check blower controlfurnace cleaning livingston county
  12. Verify “cool down” run after call for heat is satisfied
  13. Inspect connections for low-voltage safety chain and limit/auxiliary controls
  14. Check blower door lock and safety switch operation
  15. Clean pressure switch port tube/barb connection
  16. Clean and clear condensate trap** Check condensate drain path** Check condensate pump for proper operation**
  17. Visually inspect venting/flue pipe
  18. Check furnace operation for vibrations, excessive or unusual noise
  19. Check temperature rise (adjust if necessary)
  20. Analyze combustion to evaluate if furnace is safe to operate
  21. Verify that thermostat cycles (starts/stops) the furnace
  22. Inquire about thermostat batteries (assist in changing if necessary)
  23. Recommend any repairs or modifications noted during service
  24. Address any accessories that may require maintenance (humidifier, air purifier, etc.)
  25. Discuss the performed service and recommend a periodic maintenance schedule

Note: ** If applicable. Not all furnaces have this equipment.

Air Planning, Easy Living

But when it comes to the big stuff, Excellent Air is always available 24/7 for all your furnace maintenance and cleaning needs in Monroe County, NY, and Livingston County, NY. In fact, we are pleased to offer many maintenance plans for all of your heating and cooling systems. Join our “Comfort Club” and save.