Leave the Ductwork to Us

Proper Ductwork Installation Is Key to Home Comfort

At the end of a long workday, there is nothing more pleasing than returning home to a comfortable space. Excellent Air knows the importance of home comfort—because it’s what we do. So, when drafts and improper temperatures creep into your sacred space, it can certainly be unsettling.

Many times, the culprit of drafts and leaks can be faulty ductwork. Ductwork is the apparatus that allows airflow to travel throughout your home’s heating and cooling system—the air is eventually pushed back through the ducts into your living space. If the ductwork is not installed or sealed properly, leaks can occur and leave you with inefficient heating and cooling. From there, you may find yourself experiencing problems such as:

  • Air leakage
  • An inefficient system
  • Extra money spent
  • Possible failure of heating/cooling equipment

Go With the Flow. Install Proper Ductwork

Surprisingly enough, there is more to ductwork than meets the eye. For one thing, design plays a highly important part in properly working ductwork. If your vents aren’t properly designed for output flow, the air pressure and balance of airflow will suffer and leave you with an inefficiently running heating or cooling system. When that happens, you can forget about coming home to a comfy, snug house. Fortunately, Excellent Air offers solutions and expert installation for all areas of ductwork. Call our talented installers today at 585.889.7840 in Monroe County, NY, and throughout our service area, for any-time service.