Here's a look at our Five Star Super Detailed 25 point Furnace Maintenance. (Included in both of our Comfort Club Plans! )

The purpose for scheduling a cleaning/maintenance with us is to extend the life of your equipment and make sure everything is running in a proper safe manner while maintaining its efficiency. You can lose up to 10% per year if left unchecked and also, dirt is the number one cause of breakdowns. We take the time needed for a super clean result.

  1. Visually inspect the furnace cabinet for defects, rust, moisture, and corrosion.
  2. Clean and inspect burner compartment.
  3. Clean and inspect blower compartment.
  4. Clean blower motor end.
  5. Clean inducer or vent motor end.
  6. Check inducer or vent motor for visible cracks and corrosion.
  7. (a) Inspect igniter** (b) Clean flame sensor** (c) Clean pilot assembly and de-carbon thermocouple**
  8. Verify igniter operation.
  9. (a) Inspect gas valve for signs of corrosion or leaks. (b) Check the manifold gas pressure (adjust if necessary). (c) Check the operation of the gas valve staging**
  10. Check air filter, change if necessary (we can provide filter for an additional charge).
  11. Check the blower control.
  12. Verify the "cool down" run after the call for heat is satisfied.
  13. Inspect connections for the low voltage safety chain and limit/auxiliary controls.
  14. Check blower door lock and safety switch operation.
  15. Clean pressure switch port tube/barb connection.
  16. (a) Clean and clear condensate trap** (b) Check the condensate drain path** (c) Check condensate pump for proper operation**
  17. Visually inspect venting/flue pipe.
  18. Check furnace operation for vibrations, excessive or unusual noise.
  19. Check temperature rise (adjust if necessary).
  20. Analyze combustion to evaluate if the furnace is safe to operate.
  21. Verify that the thermostat cycles (starts/stops) the furnace.
  22. Inquire about thermostat batteries (assist in changing if necessary)
  23. Recommend any repairs or modifications noted during service.
  24. Address any accessories that may require maintenance (humidifier, air purifier, etc.)
  25. Discuss the performed service and recommend a periodic maintenance schedule.

    Note: ** If applicable. ( Not all furnaces have this equipment)