Landscaping and AC units

Believe it or not, Spring weather will be here to stay soon and with that many of us will begin our annual gardening and landscaping. We understand that air conditioners are not the most aesthetically pleasing of all things, and love to see beautiful gardens planted around outdoor units. However there are a few guidelines that homeowners should follow when gardening in order to ensure that their air conditioning units stay functional and are able to keep them cool through the warm weather seasons.  

1.) Leave enough space between the unit and your plants. Leave at least  2 to 3 feet between the sides of the unit and plants in the ground. This allows room for proper airflow and access for repairs and maintenance. 

2.) Trim branches and overhanging plants so that there is approximately 5 feet between the top of the unit and the overhanging branches 

3.) Provide shade for the unit if possible. If your unit is shaded by plants, its temperature will be cooler and more regulated. Because of this, the air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard to produce cool air for your home. 

4.) Avoid plants that lose their leaves. Plants that lose their leaves in colder seasons will make a mess around your AC unit and call for a lot more raking and clearing. 


York - Best of the Best

Excellent Air Announces....

According to,York,our favorite brand, won top 4 out of the top 10 furnaces of 2016!!! (#1... the Coleman is manufactured the same way and in the same plants as a York Affinity, but just has a different name on it)

This means that we are providing the best of the best to our customers! 

check out the top 10 by clicking below 


Central Air - What to Know

Summer will soon approach us here in Rochester, and with the season change comes some very hot and humid days. This could mean that you are looking into Central Air Conditioning for your home. Excellent Air thought we would educate you on what is important to look for and do when gathering your quotes and making your purchase! Take a look below for a few tips. 

When Buying Central Air Conditioning.....  

Look for High Efficiency:

The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) on a unit, the more energy efficient the unit will be. The more energy efficient a unit is, the less costly it will be to operate. There are also tax credits available for the installation of high efficiency units (CLICK HERE to check out the Energy Star website for more information) 

Look for Knowledgeable Installers:

make sure the team installing your new system is respectable, reliable and knowledgeable. A great unit does not operate correctly, or, at its highest efficiency if the team installing the unit isn't knowledgeable, focused and careful. Installation is way more involved than just bringing in a unit and pushing the "on button" .

 Do Not be Tempted by the Lowest Bid: 

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Install prices are based a lot on how much time is needed to PROPERLY complete the task at hand. Be willing to pay for the time the contractor needs to do the job correctly, not just quickly.    

Look for a Good Warranty: 

Excellent Air uses great products. We make it our priority to give you the best quality possible. However, warranties are always a great thing to have just in case. Protect yourself from the cost of unexpected parts and repairs.  

Understand that Your System Will Need Annual Maintenance:

Maintenance is very important in keeping your system clean, efficient and ready to use every year, and for many years. 

Why Make the Switch to Energy Efficient?

Many people may wonder if their old furnace really does need to be replaced ,or, if energy efficient furnaces really do save them money.  Take it from the experts, you will be extremely happy with a switch to a high efficiency unit.

Here are a few reasons why .... 

  • Today's high efficiency furnaces, waste remarkably little energy. They convert into heat nearly all the  energy for which you pay. Older furnaces, operating at as little as 60% AFUE, are wasting 40% of the energy you are paying for  
  • New energy efficient furnaces are better designed and have a longer lifespan than older units (with proper maintenance). Older units have an approximate lifespan of 10-12 years. Today’s units could last as long as 20-25 years...your new system's lifespan is nearly double that of your old system! 
  • Tax credits are available from the federal government and rebates are available from some energy providers for installing high efficiency systems.
  • Older units need a lot more repairs and repairs can get expensive! it is more than likely, that if your unit is older than 10 years, your parts are no longer covered under a warranty. 
  • The more efficient your furnace….the lower your energy bill will be. Check out your approximate savings with Energy Star’s Furnace Calculator 

Excellent Air's COMFORT CLUB

Take care of your HVAC system, and it will take care of you

Maintaining your HVAC system is way more important than you may think! Think of regular HVAC maintenance as you would an oil change, inspection, or fluid check on your vehicle.  You have to regularly maintain it to make sure that it does its job when you need it!

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Savings Agreement will help you make sure that your annual HVAC system maintenance is complete AND provide you with other benefits as a customer of Excellent Air

With a Comfort Club Maintenance Savings Agreement through Excellent Air you get the following benefits:

 Free System Maintenance at no additional charge

 Annual Reminders

   No After Hours Fees on Service Calls

15% Discount on service calls, parts and labor for repairs

 $25 Bonus Bucks credit toward new equipment for every year that you have an agreement with us

Priority Service – you get to jump ahead in line during our busy season

 Satisfaction Guarantee and Peace of Mind

Recently, a couple of our customers have saved money on their repairs by purchasing a maintenance plan and received some major benefits as a result! Check out the scenario below:  

A customer contacted us with a no heat issue....

The part and labor for her repair came to $152.46. 

Instead of paying the service call fee of $89.95+$152.46 totaling $242.41….

She purchased a Comfort Club agreement for $125 and received a discount on her repair. Her invoice is broken down below:

      $125.00        for the Comfort Club maintenance agreement

    $152.46         for the repair and labor cost

-    $22.86         15% Comfort Club agreement discount for the repair and labor cost


totaling $254.60  

For $12.19 more this customer will now receive an annual HVAC system cleaning,AND, all of the other benefits included in her agreement should she need to contact us again. 

Give us a call to learn more and purchase a maintenance agreement now through April 30th, 2016 and receive $10 off!